The Twilight Lotus Company are stuck for a way to retreat from Sinneblom after the fight with Charm and her butler.

They go to Hocuses and Pocuses and find that Crafter has been murdered, only moments before their arrival. 3/7 deducts that the wounds fester with necromantic energy, and after Zin uses his lantern to reveal any hidden culprits, the party witness one of Lunan’s wraiths fleeing.

They search the place but find that the store has been looted of any important books or magical items. They find a few things of interest in the attic, an ever-burning candle, a…

A flesh golem made up of various body parts from an adventuring party who met their demise in the underdark…Dragonborn Cleric, Tiefling Warlock, Human Barbarian, and Drow Fighter.

Though she doesn’t know any of that.

Philipe’s earliest memory was being jolted awake by a powerful electrical current, and the sounds of a explosion. The room she was in, which was filled with strange equipment, began collapsing all around her. Terrified, she barely managed to flee the scene as the sound of someone screaming spurred her onward.

She wandered the underdark with no memories of who she was, but a general…

He looked out into the sprawling capital city.

Morenstock had expanded significantly in the past three hundred and seventy-two years.

He leaned on the rail of his balcony, resting his face in one hand as his blood-red eyes drank in the sight of over a hundred thousand lights from windows and street lamps. Night had just fallen, so the city was still awake.

He looked beyond the walls to the valley beyond and the other cities he’d had constructed over the centuries.

Iadlodge had undergone some expansion and had been connected to Morenstock, but much of it was still farmland…

Gretar Highhorse is a 29 year old Satyr knight, and paladin of Dionysus. She loves to sing, dance, drink and sleep around. All of which has landed her in hot water, since that isn’t the type of stuff knights should be doing…

She serves King Derid Kendrick, the king of Alaron (and the other Moonshae Isles). After too many years of suffering her outrageous party-going behavior and the many many trysts Gretar had with her fellow knights, and other nobles of the court, King Kendrick was finally so fed up that he called on her to complete a quest:


Ashild and her companions stood on a cliff overlooking the vast wasteland of Avernus. The companion nearest to her placed a hand on her shoulder, as if to soothe her. Ashild hadn’t even noticed she was shaking, anticipation that was mistaken as fear or reluctance. The former amnesiac looked at the delicate yet firm hand of Everr Adaunis. The woman was a graceful looking sea-elf with sea-foam coloured skin and tumbling green hair that nearly reached her ankles. At first glance, the wizard could easily be mistaken as a Nymph or a Siren. …

Tappa groaned.

For all her many talents, and her stunning good looks, she had to be bad at something.

Growing up, her mother was usually too busy working to prepare anything too extravagant, and they were too poor to afford much. So it was always food that was quick to prepare and cheap, bonus points if it’s something that could keep for a few days too and save additional prep time.

Her mother didn’t keep a recipe book, so she had no guide to follow, and she was too impatient to sit around watching the woman make meals. …

The group escape Fort Knucklebone with Zariel in tow, and make their way to the wandering emporium, where they know they will be safe…at least for a while.

Once there, Mahadi informs them that they will unfortunately need to leave, because too many powerful individuals are looking for them and he wants no trouble in his market.

He offers them one last tip.

That Asmodeus has been requested at Arkhan’s tower…His guess is that Arkhan will likely try to finish off Zariel with his forces so that he can seize control over Avernus for his goddess…Tiamat.

The group gather a…

Lulu takes the still-injured Zariel, along with the rest of the party and retreats as it is clear that fort knucklebone will be destroyed in the chaos and fire.

As they make their escape and leave Maggie and the others behind, they fight their way out and keep running.

— -

Zariel has used all her power to protect the group from attacks by waves of foes, and she falls unconscious. Seemingly at the worst possible time, an adult white dragon swoops in and snatches her from Lulu, carrying her away. …

The Beginning of the end

The trip from Shenorn’s lair to the Wandering Emporium didn’t take long. Alionadera noted the missing individuals from the adventuring party, but didn’t question either of the tieflings as she flew them back to Avernus’ trading hub. It was none of her business, and she truly did not care.

During the trip, ‘Telbot’ was quiet, and his face was that of a man in contemplation. Hieronymous did not interrupt his god’s thoughts.

When they arrived at the Wandering Emporium, they paid the undead woman her coin, and went about their business.

Hieronymous went shopping, while…

The Lord Who Watches kept alert, his eyes forward and his ears sharp. The massive tunnels here dwarfed even he, in his true form, but it was thanks to the spacious interior that his closest ally was able to remain in his own true form as well.

The Ancient Blue had awaited his arrival for some time, and was not surprised to see the archfiend had escaped from the shield without his help. It would have been disappointing if Gargauth had remained trapped in the shield…not to Rathguul, but to her. …


My name is Iren, and I work on a lot of stories relating to Dungeons and Dragons games I play/run.

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